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The Mighty Oak Children’s Learning Academy
Let this be their home away from home, while they learn social skills, ABC’s, and 1-2-3’s.

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Bring a Book Tell Us a Story Day

Children must rely on their words to explain themselves and achieve the outcome they’re hoping for. They must improvise on the spot and use language to problem solve. Talking to other children as they play helps them to develop new vocabulary as they set rules for their play, talk about what they’re doing, and step into imaginary roles. A good teacher creates preschool curriculum that includes play situations where children will have opportunities to develop their language togetherYou may think play does nothing for reading skills, but it actually enriches and enhances your child’s ability to read. Storytelling teaches children pre-reading skills, like following a plot, rhyming, and sentence structure. Children then naturally take storytelling into their playtime, which prepares their mind for reading down the road.

Easter Egg Gathering And a Bunny visit

This is what makes my day......just to see the awe in their faces, We had a great Easter Egg Hunt.

It’s santa clause..really? what??

While the children were napping Santa came to drop off presents for all the good children at The Mighty Oak Children's Learning Academy. We want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, Peace and Good Will to all. Come out and visit and see what The Mighty Oak is about. Thank you

How Socialization Benefits Kids in


New people. New situations. New activities. New environments. Kid’s daycare programs provide all of this to your child in a safe way, which gives your child the chance to develop confidence with things that are new. When your child realizes he or she can handle a variety of different situations, your child’s confidence will soar. Your child will not be afraid to continue trying new things. Meeting new people and encountering new situations builds self esteem and resilience.Your child will be exposed to people from different families, cultures, and backgrounds at daycare. This is especially true at The Mighty Oak and what a great benefit this offers daycare children. Considering other people do things in different ways is a valuable lesson for a young child to learn. Appreciating other viewpoints will only help your child more develop compassion and kindness.


Children with well-placed confidence can achieve whatever they set their minds to

Really you know olaf?..

Olaf is comming to read you guys a story at story time..

Daycare Helps Develop Problem Solving Skills

In a good daycare setting a child may encounter situations they wouldn’t encounter elsewhere.Another child takes a toy away. Your child takes a toy from another child. They wait their turn to receive a snack. They play interactive games with multiple children. They learn from caregivers who aren’t their parents. And on and on. And with each of these daily occurrences, your child is faced with a decision. He or she can choose to cry, to hit, or to ask for the toy back. To run to the front of the line or to wait their turn. Most children quickly learn skills that help them get what they want, as well as be considerate of other people. These problem-solving skills transfer to all other aspects of your child’s life. Your child learns not to give up when confronting new problems